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4th of July

Celebrate the 4th of July with Patriotic cupcakes. Fondant flags, buttercream flags or traditional with picks.

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Oh Baby!

Reveal the surprise with a pink or blue cake to cut into.


Blow out the Candles

What a better way to say happy birthday than surprising that special someone with a couture cake! With over 25 flavors, I'm sure we can oblige.

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Jul 15, 2014

Superhero's unite!

The Avengers are fighting for the number 1 most requested cake this summer.

Not with just Marisha's Couture but with a lot of bakers and cake-gicians.
I don't know what happened (maybe I missed the movie), but kids and mommy's across the region are on the hunt for a slamming Avengers cake. One cake with 5 to 7 themes - which is an awesome idea. The Avengers are a series of fictional superhero teams based on the Marvel Comic books that we all know and love. There are dozens of superhero's who have made the team. But, the most popular and main characters who make the cake are: The Hulk, Spiderman, Superman, Captain America, Batman and Ironman. 

I totally and completely fell in love with the Avengers cake that I did for a little superhero's birthday party this summer. It was colorful, fun and fit each of the superhero themes in just two tiers.

I started off with a 6" red velvet and an 8" chocolate cake. Then, rolled out two shades of blue fondant, yellow fondant and black fondant. To apply the fondant, loosely measure and fit the fondant to the 8" cake in quarters and cover the seams with a strip of green fondant. Roll out red fondant and cover the 6" cake. Now, time for the fun. I created my own superhero templates by tracing logos from off of the computer, cutting them out and using a sharp knife to cut out individual shapes and stick them together. The two blue shades were dedicated to Captain America and Superman. The black was for Batman and the yellow for Ironman. The red tier was fairly simple. Just roll out thin strands of black fondant, pick your center and starting from there, lay your stripes across the cake from the front to the back. Lay shorter horizontal stripes in between each of the verticle stripes and allow them to bend a little to make a complete spiderweb. Trace out a pair of spidey eyes and your set.

Now....for the Hulk fist. That one took a bit of patience. I attempted the fist twice and it didn't actually come out like a fist until I decided to not think about what I was doing, just do it. Generally you start off with a ball, and use a fondant tool to make the outlines of fingers. This fist is made of fondant but you can use rice krispy treat as the center, then use a toothpick and water to stabilize the fist on top of the cake. Roll out a piece of red fondant and cut out small triangles. Slightly curl the triangles and stick them around the circumference of the hulk fist. Lastly, step back and put on your red cape because you've just completed an Avenger's cake! Woooooo!

I know this can be technical but if you attempt this cake, just have fun. The more positive that you feel, the more positive of an outcome you'll have on the cake. I hope this helps!

~Couture in a Cupcake~

Jun 6, 2014

Gluten Free Black Bean Brownies

Hey cake lovers! If you haven't heard, allow me the pleasure of introducing you to the Black Bean Brownie. Yes, you read correctly. The main ingredient in the black bean brownie are black beans. The same ones used for soups, stews, etc. Desserts can officially be added to the list (even though I'm sure this wasn't the first dessert ever in history to be made from black beans). I've been reading up on these black bean brownies for weeks and couldn't wait until I had some free time to make them.

Supposedly, they tasted like any 'normal' brownie and never give off the texture or flavor of a black bean (if any). So, I gave them a shot, adding my own personal tweaks. Just as I had taken my first bite, the sun started to peek out from the clouds. The rain stopped and down came the Cupcake Fairy...gracing me with her presence once again. She looked at me, and without words said "Yes my dear, you are awake and have just witnessed the best brownie you've ever had in your life, spread the word and may the force be with you". She's heavy into Sci-Fi, but any-who, they were ridiculously good. I honestly wasn't expecting them to be so amazing. They were super moist, very flavorful and pretty much the exact same consistency and texture as any flour recipe. They give off the same crumbly cake texture, fudgy-ness and density that we're used to. It just assured me how amazing beans can be.

Last year, I went on a gluten-free diet and although gluten free foods are extremely accessible now-a-days, with most gluten-free foods you have to get use to a different texture. I would've loved having these around! Replace the granulated sugar with sugar in the raw or a natural sweetener and they're guilt free. I wonder what else I could make out of brownies...

Fudgy Black Bean Brownies

Makes about 10 brownie cupcakes

15 oz. Black Beans (cooked)
2 Eggs
3/4 C Cocoa Powder or Hot Chocolate Mix
3 T oil (coconut, vegetable, other)
1/4 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 C sugar
1 tsp. baking powder

Food Processor or Blender
Cupcake Pan and Liners


  1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Line a cupcake tin with the cupcake liners of your choice and set aside.
  3. Option 1- Using a large blender or food processor, add all ingredients and blend.
  4. Option 2- Combine dry ingredients in a bowl (sugar, cocoa, baking powder, salt). In a blender add black beans, eggs, oil and vanilla. Blend until smooth and whisk into dry ingredients.
  5. Fill cupcake tins up about 3/4 up and bake for 23 minutes or until a knife inserted comes out clean.
  6. Allow to cool completely and top with fruit, nuts, chocolate, frosting or whatever makes you smile.

Couture in a Cupcake

May 26, 2014

Congrats Grads!

This has been an awesome month. 

About six years ago, my mom made the heroic decision of going back to school while working full time. We were both in college and even managed to have a class together which was awesome (dream come true). I got to watch an amazing woman push past limitations, and excel beyond the expectations that some may have set for a woman in her fifties going back to school. My mom has maintained nothing below a 3.5 GPA and has managed to have gotten straight A's most semesters. Six years ago, I watched, and helped, a  student who had put her dreams on hold for decades to raise her family, get back into the swing of things. About a six days ago, I got to watch that same woman proudly walk across a stage receiving her Masters Degree. No amount of words on this earth could express how proud and blessed I am to have a Mother who never settled for less.

With that said, I want to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to every individual graduate of 2014, the grads of the future and of the past. If you've jumped hurdles and broken boundaries, then congratulations to you as well for being a brave individual and changing your life for the better.

I was asked by a client to make a cake that I've never attempted but always wanted to. Stacked textbooks for a graduate who studied Photography and Graphic Arts. Of course I was nervous, but, I did a lot of research so I knew what route to take. As usual, I wasn't liking the outcome of the cake and took what I'd consider a major risk (which is normal for me). I grabbed a paint brush and got to dipping and dabbing. I followed my instincts and it definitely proved to be right. This cake might be my favorite one to date. I decided to make a gradient effect from the corners in - to give an antiqued feel. The bottom tier is Velours Rouge (Red Velvet) and the top tier is Lemon Cream. Everything on the cake is made of fondant and edible. I hope she loves it as much as I do!

Congratulations Erika!

My mom continued with her schooling, hopping straight into another semester. By August she'll have a second Masters Degree! She's getting a little degree happy lol! Congrats Mommy!! Love you.
My Mommy <3 td="">

May 20, 2014

Fun In The Sun!

This past weekend, my family and I headed down to Wildwood Crest for my aunt's Bridal Shower/Beach Party. If you ask me, a party just isn't a 'party' without a fabulous cake to celebrate the occasion. So, I made my way to the kitchen and began brainstorming. I've always wanted to make fondant seashells but literally had no clue as to where to begin. Recently, I saw a few fondant seashells for sale at my local cake decorating store, and I was tempted to go back and purchase some. But, since I had plenty of fondant stored away, some time to kill, and an artistic vision, I hit up the internet and got to browsing. As expected I found hundreds of close-up seashell images. As I started molding, I realized that for the majority of seashell shapes, the trick is to twist the fondant or create a curl, leaving a bit of a tail in order to create a bowl-like shape. My Wilton gumpaste tools really came in handy for these. I did have a few mishaps and mess ups, but that was to be expected since it was my first time. Once you get the hang of the rolling, twisting, and sculpting, you pretty much have it down. Of course, the easiest to make were the starfish, clam shells and pearls. 

I mixed some lemon extract with luster dust and got to painting. I took a step back and....."Oh my gosh, did I really just create realistic looking seashells!???" 
I let these completely harden for a couple of days and went on to prepare my beach-themed cupcakes. The seashells made the absolute perfect toppers for the cake and cupcakes. They added so much festivity to the cake and the shades of pink, purple and brown really complimented the blue. 
They were a HIT. I fell in love with these cupcakes and look forward to making more. 
These will be listed on the new menu page, so you'll be able to have some of your own!

3rd Birthday Cake
*Couture in a Cupcake*

Apr 16, 2014

Seasonal in Spring (10 Seasonal Fruits & Recipes)

Spring has officially shut down the chills of Winter. It was a steeping 80 degrees here on the East Coast today. It may be difficult for me to endure (winter baby), but I love watching the flowers and trees bloom and regain life. One of my favorite things about heading into Spring is the transition of foods. We let go of the hearty stews for a light spinach salad, yum.  This is the season for fresh fruit tarts, sponge cakes, and petit fours. It can be very hard keeping track of which fruits and vegetables are in season and what to do with them, seeing as how most fruits are now offered year-round. So here's a list of just that:

 10 Seasonal Spring Fruits
(for your cakes and bakes)


Winter through Spring


Hollywood Brown Derby's Grapefruit Cake

As soon as I think Grapefruit, I think of the Hollywood Brown Derby's grapefruit cake. If you were lucky enough to try this cake in Disney, then you know why. I only had two bites, but those two bites took me into citrus heaven. This is a perfect layer cake. Dense but extremely moist cake layers, cream cheese frosting and a grapefruit filling. I dare you to try this recipe, it's not for the faint of heart. If you succeed, you deserve an applause.


Winter through Spring 

Ricotta Cheesecake with Ginger and Kiwi

Kiwis to me are beautiful little green gems that make a perfect breakfast or late night snack. They're definitely best in their peak season which is the Spring. These delicious beauties are best left fresh and cold. So here's a cheesecake that I'm sure will do it justice. It has a combination of beautiful flavors and is light enough for a relaxing Spring day.


Winter through Spring


Kumquat Flaugnarde

Here's a fruit that you may have heard of but never tried. If that's the case, then we're in the same boat. They're in the citrus family and actually look like mini oranges. So what to do with them you ask? Well, this is a fruit that is perfect for cooking and baking which brings out all of its sweet and tangy flavors. You can find them in many markets around the U.S., so head out to your local supermarket and give this recipe a try.


Winter and Spring

Lemon Sponge Cake 

Ahhhh ... our friend the Lemon. This one will have you fooled because lemons are such a common fruit and offered year round, but they are in fact only 'in season' during the Winter and Spring. Regardless, I usually know what to do with this one, put the juice in a pitcher with sugar and water. But no, I'm going to share a recipe that I love. Something so simple, so traditional, and oh so Spring.


Spring through Summer

Frosty Orange Cream Layered Dessert

One thing that I've always loved as a kid was an orange creamsicle. When I found this recipe I thought it was the perfect combination of elegance and fun. It's a quick and easy frozen dessert. Something rich and delicious to pop out of the freezer and slice up when your guests come over on a hot day. I wish I had this in my freezer two days ago...


Late Spring, Early Summer

Cherry Strudel

There's nothing like a handful of cold cherries. These refreshing 'stone fruit' are available late Spring through early Summer. They're usually not offered year round unless in the form of a maraschino cherry which is sweetened then jarred and can be used for multiple dishes. Want an amazing 'sweet and sour' sauce?Combine maraschino cherry and pineapple juice, then cook until thickened. If you'll be picking up some fresh cherries this season, try this simple Cherry Strudel served warm over vanilla bean ice cream. Mmmm..... :)


Late Spring, Early Summer

Apricot Almond Upside Down Cake

Apricots are available in most markets come the Spring. You can find them at most markets and available at many orchards for picking. This is one versatile fruit that brightens up any dish. Add sliced apricots to cereal, diced apricots to sweetened hot tea, or roasted apricots for a sweet treat - you can't go wrong. This is why I chose this amazing upside down cake. Swap the pineapple for an apricot and give this recipe a try!


Year round

Beet Chocolate Brownies

Beets are available year round and can be found at most markets fresh or jarred. They may not have as large a fan base of some of the others but they definitely deserve their spot for all of their health benefits. In case you haven't tried cooking with beets yet, here's a sinful dessert that you won't want to pass up. Another thing about beets is that they're a great replacement for that red food dye in your velvet cakes and foods.



Strawberry Rhubarb Dessert Bars

This is another one that gained popularity and interest in the past couple of decades, especially because of the famous rhubarb pie. Many aren't sure if rhubarb lands in the fruit or vegetable category. Rhubarb is a plant that is considered a vegetable but treated more like a fruit...make sense? Well this should top off your confusion: In 1947, a court of law decided that rhubarb would be considered what it is most commonly used as, a fruit. Either way, there's a great number of things both savory and sweet that you can do with rhubarb. These tempting dessert bars are filled with a strawberry rhubarb sauce and packed with fiber. Great for a breakfast on the go. 


Spring, Summer

Fresh Strawberry Meringue Cake

Last but not least, the oh-so-popular Strawberry. Another one that is offered year round, but at its
best during the Spring and Summer seasons. My favorite strawberry desserts are ones with whole pieces of fresh strawberries and whipped cream or cream cheese for dipping...which leads me to choose a light Strawberry Meringue Cake. The meringue layers are quick and easy to create, which makes this dessert a great last minute go-to when you're in the mood for something light and sweet.

I hope this helps...
Happy baking!

*Couture in a Cupcake*

Apr 4, 2014

Faux Airbrushing

Happy Spring Cakenistas!

I have a wonderful technique that will save you a buck or three hundred. 
In the leopard print video, I needed a back splash of brown and orange hues for this cat friendly pattern. To create that realistic look, I used one thing that you probably all have in your kitchens....paper towel. 
At the time I didn't realize what I was doing , all I knew was that I didn't have an airbrush machine, but I wanted that look. Unfortunately, this technique will only work on fondant cakes. 

To get this look:
Simply dab your paper towel into the colors of your choice. Then lightly swipe in whatever direction the design of your cake calls for. You can even do a sponge effect with a small unused makeup sponge by dipping that into your food dye and tapping lightly onto your cake. 

There's so many ways to create texture and flare to your cakes, so get creative!

Leopard Print Cake

Couture in a Cupcake!

Mar 8, 2014

Quick Buttercream Frosting Recipe

Hey guys!
I thought I'd share my version of a classic buttercream. This buttercream is perfect for most cakes with it's fluffy and smooth texture. Some say it reminds them of icecream, in that factor you can't go wrong. 
A recipe is just a template to work with so remember to tweak the recipe to your liking and needed consistency. Press play below to watch the Youtube Tutorial. 


Makes enough for one 6" cake or two dozen cupcakes. 

1 1/2 sticks or 3/4 C Unsalted Butter (room temp.)
3/4 C Vegetable Shortening (optional)
3 C Confectioners Sugar
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
1 pinch Salt

Mixer with Whisk Attachment
Rubber Spatula
  1. Place butter into mixing bowl and begin to whisk on low speed gradually bringing it up to medium. Whip for two minutes. Scrape up any butter that may be stuck to the bottom of the bowl and continue to whip again for one minute. 
  2. Add the shortening to the butter and whip on medium speed. Your butter should start to have a creamier consistency and be paler in color. Continue to whisk for two minutes.
  3. Measure out the confectioners sugar in a bowl and set aside. Turn the mixer off completely and add half of the confectioners sugar to the bowl. Begin to whisk in the sugar using the lowest setting. When all of the sugar has been incorporated, turn the mixer off once again and add the remaining sugar. Mix on the lowest setting for one minute. 
  4. When all of the sugar is incorporated, use the rubber spatula to scrape down the sides and bottom of the bowl. Begin to whip the frosting starting on low speed and gradually working to medium high. At this stage the frosting should go from clumpy to smooth in texture. Allow frosting to whip for five minutes on medium speed.
  5. Scrape down the sides of the bowl one last time and add the salt and vanilla. Continue to whip for three minutes to dissolve the salt. By now the frosting should be a pale yellow and have almost doubled in volume. Take time to test the consistency. For a stiffer frosting add a 1/2 C more of the confectioners sugar. For a thinner frosting add milk 1 tsp. at a time. 

*Try adding fresh lemon zest for a lemon frosting. 
*The frosting takes on flavors and colors very well. Play around with extracts for a flavor that you can call your own. 

What did I do with my frosting?

Couture in a Cupcake

Feb 5, 2014

Five Edible Treats that say "I ♡ YOU"

That I decided to make a post of some delicious treats that you can make for your sweetie-pie (or yourself) this Valentine's Day.

and what I'd prefer to get for Valentine's Day.

1. Cupcakes

Yes, you knew I had to. Cupcakes are great for every occasion, especially when you order them from yours truly ;) But, if you'd like to make them at home as a way to show your love then you know I've got some tips for ya!
  • Top the cupcakes with heart candies or even a drizzle of pink candy melt.
  • Add some crushed strawberries to your frosting to naturally give it a beautifully speckled pink tone. 
  • Tie a cute ribbon around the cupcake for an elegant look. 
  • Watch Marisha's DIY Heart Cake Topper vid.

2. Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

Me + Chocolate Cov. Strawberries= Sweet Danger
I love love love these. The feeling reminds me of the movie Ratatouille when he combined the grapes and cheese then nearly passes out from the perfect combination of flavors. They're super easy as long as you remember some key tips. 
  • Soak your strawberries for at least ten minutes to get rid of pesticides. Pat dry.
  • Let your strawberries air dry. When the berries are wet the chocolate slides right off and doesn't set up properly.
  • Finish with drizzles of chocolate, chopped nuts, coconut flakes or leave plain.

3. Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Red Velvet anything this time of year would be perfect. But, I love the convenience of a three bite cake sandwich. These are high on the popularity list this year and they're sure to put a smile on your sweeties face.
  • If using store bought frosting, take a little time to whip it up using a mixer. This will make a fluffy frosting and a tastier sandwich.
  • Make a heart shape by using a circle tip and piping out two tear drop shapes.

4. Chocolate Nut Clusters

These are a classic and I'm sure they're already on every store shelf. But, why not make them a little more special by making them yourself. You can make a variety or keep it simple. Trust me, it's not as tedious as it sounds. 
  • Try making chocolate cashew clusters by adding chopped cashews to a bowl of tempered chocolate. Spoon the chocolate out onto parchment and allow to harden.

 5. Cake Truffles

As fancy and difficult as the word sounds, a cake truffle is just a cake ball. If you know how to roll a ball and dip, you can make a cake truffle. To make these, simply add a small amount of frosting to a freshly baked cake (cooled) crumble and roll into small balls. Harden the balls in the freezer, then dip in candy melt, dark, white, or milk chocolate.

  • Don't use too much frosting, this will affect the stability of your cake truffle.
  • Make sure to freeze for at least a half hour.
  • To easily dip, use a fork. Roll the truffle in plenty of melted chocolate, pick up with your fork allow to dry for a few seconds and roll in your favorite toppings (crushed pretzels, coconut, chopped nuts).
  • These are pink on the inside. To watch the DIY click here.
♡Couture in a cupcake♡