Summer Inspiration

So, in spirit of the one month of creating fabulous cakes and cupcakes :D I decided to hook up the Blogspot with a completely NEW and IMPROVED look. I love it. So, I've also decided to post pics of some of the biggest inspiration me and my family got to experience at the "Baking Expo 2010" in Atlantic City. There were some BEAUTIFULLL cakes there. Here's a few pics:

Aww this was so much fun. The BIGGEST expo is in Vegas, this year....will i make it? I have no idea.
                                                   ~ Love in a Cupcake~

One Month Anniversary

HoneyBee & Company is officially one month old. Yaaaay! That's pretty cool. It feels like its been longer. I actually did a spur of the minute thing and saw a psychic who told me this company is going to very successful and I was going to have a restaurant. Interesting right? That excited the sprinkles out of me! So to make this huge dream I have continue to grow and become as big as the sun...I'll do like M.J said "Don't stop til you get enough WOOO"! I'm excited to see what the future has in store for honeybee and all of my cake creations. It's going to be a lot of fun and hard work that I look forward to. We already have so much support! So of course we have to thank everyone that's shown interest. We've only gotten positive feedback from everyone and that's such a blessing. So thanks guys! :Big wave: It's crazy how I started this right in the middle of this big CUPCAKE rave. Seriously, cupcakes are everywhere, I pretty much got in on the ground floor. So I look forward to what the rest of the year will bring, and sharing all of the new ideas with you all. Can't wait 'til the holidays!! I'm coming up with a holiday line, SO EXCITED!!

Check out this "rocker" b-day cake :) Happy 21st bday Adrian

Finally got to make the Girls Best Friend- White cake with lime custard and icing

Love in a cupcake!

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Turns out I have some plans this weekend, I'll definitely be looking out for a BBQ lol. So I hope everyone has a great weekend, and stays safe.

First batch of holiday cupcakes. These are the Dazzling Marble and the Banana Bee.