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So, I'm excited. I wanted to do a different "line" of cupcakes or something to add to the list of couture creations. What better than cheesecake! One of my favorite desserts in the world, and these are just as tasty as anything I've had at a restaurant, but cuter. I'm coming up with different toppings and flavors. If you have a favorite flavor you'd like to try, let me know and I'll try it out. So far, my favorites are the lemon and coconut, but I'm doing, lime, cherry, blueberry, and strawberry as well. I chose to do a Nilla wafer crust instead of graham cracker, but to have the crust is optional. I personally like it better without. These were a few of the samples I made (lemon and cherry), not bad right?

In other news my Grandmother just celebrated her birthday, and I'm sure you can guess who made the cake :D It's rare that I get to try the cakes I make...I've only tried one besides this one. It was sooooooooo good. I honestly couldn't believe I made, that's crazy to me. Its a coconut cake with pineapple. SO GOOD.

We had a great time, and came across what I think would be the best little CUPCAKE STORE!
That was kind of a "drive n snap" type of picture. I was taking this from the car, but I definitely see potential. The colors are there, of course it'd have to be spruced up....but it is for sale. Only problem, it's in Maryland, and...I imagine my first bake shop and restaurant to be in Philadelphia.

So as I dream off and imagine the big cupcake fairy knocking on my door and flying me away to stardom, I'll leave you guys with a few pics of what I've done these past couple of weeks.

Can't believe I did this, This looks great. I stuck a cookie in cookie monsters' mouth to top it off.

~Love in a cupcake!

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