Culinary Chef First, Pastry Chef second

Good afternoon :D 
Can you guys believe that Thanksgiving is two days away? It was just September. 

So I decided to share my TRUE culinary side with you guys. Most people know that primarily, I do Culinary with baking being my newest work. I never expected
that I'd be baking, nor did I think I could. But now that I am, I love it! So 
anyway, here's a rundown...

I started cooking when I was 4 and made home cooked dinners my priority at 10 years old lol. I was ecstatic to learn that I could go to school for this. When I was 14 I left high school to be home schooled and by 15 passed my GED courses at Temple Univ., which led to me snagging my Diploma after my 16th b-day. Later on that year it was off to Delaware and into college and the working world. Along the way, I've learned from and worked with some of the besssst Chefs while gaining a lot of wonderful experience. I've also been blessed to capture some great pics, which I'm going to share of course :D

So, if it was Burger King and I could have it my way all day, here's what I'm planning on doing. Become a Certified Personal Chef, Food Critic, and Owner/Executive Chef. I'll open a bakeshop first and extend it into a Cafe. Then, own a beautiful restaurant with Haute Cuisine. I'd like to have at least three of them throughout the country. Aw man I'd love a West Indian restaurant too. UGH. So much to do. My quote has always been "DREAM CRAZY". My dreams may sound crazy to someone but to me anything is reachable :D "Do it big or don't do it at all"- I love that one too, a little aggressive but it gets the point across lol. Here are a few pix from my gallery

Brazilian Chicken

Chicken fricasee w/ rice pilaf and asparagus
Conch fritters w/ homemade mayo

Ginger basil octopus over rice
Grilled skirt steak
Grilled swordfish w/ tomato reduction sauce
Roasted veal w/ string beans

Grilled steak with a pistachio paste

~Love on a Plate~

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