Couture Cake

The perfect match

Wedding season comes faster than you know, and being that cupcakes are becoming the wedding cake version 3.0, I feel that they should be dressed as beautifully as the bride. So, I've been looking for an awesome alternative from having to buy those expensive Wilton cupcake wrappers. By the time you've bought enough for your guests you've managed to rack up about $40 in cupcake wrappers alone (for an average of 150 guests). What is the alternative? You ready? Doilies! :D Have you ever really looked at the trim of a paper doilie, It's kinda beautiful. The paper ones mimic the look of real lace or the trim of a wedding dress.

As you see by the pic I've posted above ^ a simple paper doilie can take your cupcakes from normal to couture. All you need is some time and a good pair of scizzors. Simply cut about 7 in. of trim from the doilie and wrap it around your cupcake. Close with a small piece of tape or a dot of glue to secure. They're also very cost effective, you can purchase about 36 for $3 if you know where to look. If not, offers them in small bulks.     **OF course you could always REQUEST THEM with your next ORDER of cupcakes and I'll do all the work for ya ;) **

MCC will be at Monster Miles 5k Run this weekend Oct 15 to support The Cancer Support Community Delaware. Hope to see you there

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Chocolate chip, Peanut Butter, Sugar

4 layer petit four cake

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Vanilla with coconut frosting

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Fall is Back!

Fall my friend....I'm so glad to see you again.
You bring me caramel apples and pumpkin pies.
Summer just brings me flies.
You bring a cooler breeze and falling leaves
And amazing items on QVC.
Fall my friend, I'm so glad to see you again.

It's finally here! The orchards and fall events are back. Not to mention bringing back my PUMPKIN SPICE CUPCAKE (see, I didnt mention it 0:-) The weather is finally perfect for outdoor events. ie: Real frosting melts. Imagine how hard it was not having a canopy for shade from a quick drizzle or treacherous heat. But having to pull out a plastic cover and a couple of umbrellas...those days are gone. My beautiful big 10x10 canopy should be coming today. Perfect timing, we're doing an apple themed event at Milburn Orchards in MD this Saturday. If this one goes well we might take part in the following weekend. 
I have to tell you all, that I finally got to use the cupcake wrappers I've been talking about in my *past posts*. The dozen cupcakes were for a princess who loves pink. It was actually a cupcake wrapper set by Wilton, and with a few personal touches and some glitter butterfly accents, they turned out great. Here are the pix...

Red Velvet w/ pecans

Choco. and vanilla 

I also designed this really cool T-shirt. Let me know what you think.

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What is Fondant?

What is fondant you ask...

Fondant is like a thick clay made out of sugar. It's used to cover cakes and to mold characters. So if you watch all of those cake shows and competitions then you'll know what i'm talking about. I found a cool little video showing you all how to roll and apply fondant to your cakes!

Video by BakingBuyer1

Here's another video showing some of the things you can do with fondant and gumpaste.

Video by Laurapoopie

You can purchase fondant at any cake supply store or online.
I use Wiltons line of fondant called "Satin Ice". You can make fondant yourself but trust me when I say it's less hassle to buy it :/ But if you are feeling adventurous and have some time to kill, here's a great fondant recipe.

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Couture on Wheels?

What's the HOTTEST thing in cupcake land in Philly..... cupcake trucks. Interesting. Especially since I thought of it first lol. Maybe not. But it is a good idea that has really been making its mark. If i'm not mistaken there are about three cupcake trucks total. Now you guys know what's missing from this equation right? Couture Cupcakes! I'm serious, there are no couture designer cupcakes on wheels. I think I might have to be the first to take I-95 by storm, who knows. I mentioned this idea to the MCC squad a while ago but it look like they're starting to see the frosting at the end of the tunnel. We'll see what happens. As a insomniac hard worker, I do most of my studying at night, and let me tell you- there are some beautiful catering vans out there just waiting to be filled with something fluffy and delicious. We are technically a home catering business, so it makes sense right?
* * *
In other news, I've really been bitten by the dessert bug. I purchased the most adorable little treat bags from JoAnnes *Great place for bakers*, of course on the cover is a very cute cupcake. It was the last pack and only twenty for two dollars, so I had to snag it. I was thinking of using them for vendor events, maybe filling them with blondies? See, one thing about me, I love the texture of brownies but am not a big dark chocolate person. So a Blondie will always be my preference. I picked up a great blondie recipe in school and would love to put it to good use. So be on the look-out for some tempting blondie pictures!
* * *
By the way, I noticed that I didn't have a page where you guys can contact me without having to send an order, sorry about that! It's now available, so any questions, feel free to CONTACT ME! I'm also setting up the gallery to make it easier to see the pictures without having to go through the older blogs, but it wouldn't hurt to check them out anyway!

Designer print tops
Runway Ink event

"Cake Wreck" fav of the week...

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 Caliente Collabs!!

The coolest collabos are now taking place. I have teamed up with Zelle's Bridal Experience for some awesome opportunities and events. Working with a few event planners as a vendor is definitely the next step to ...Cupcake Hysteria  gaining more experience and working with some great people. And, can I just say...Zelle, yea she's on her job. So of course you can find some of the most AWESOME cupcakes and cakes ever by planning your event or wedding through her. As always, serving Pennsylvania, Jersey, and Delaware.Click here to visit her site.


I've also talked to a few others wanting to do events and a great photographer with whom I hope to lock plans in with soon. The next event for me will take place at the African American Museum. An all male fashion show with the theme being "Desperate Housewives". For this event Runway Ink requested that there be cupcakes w/ the logo which brought up a little bit of a delay. You guys know I don't turn down orders, so how was I gonna make this happen without a 500$ cake printing machine??? Ask around. Luckily the first stop I made (Shoprite) sells prints for 8$ a page. An awesome find, I honestly wasn't expecting that from them. But, now that I know....I CAN PUT ANY PICTURE OR LOGO ON YOUR CAKES AND CUPCAKES THAT YOUR SWEET HEART DESIRES!!!! YAYYYYYYY. This is a big deal and a huge come up. I'm ecstatic. The cake fairy has once again sprinkled my dreams with fairy dust. How awesome :)

Check out this cake

John Deere Cake
Happy Birthday Al!

Thanks Anna for the order


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Troubleshooting Chart For Cakes

 Hope This Helps...

Problem: Butter Curdles During Mixing.      
Cause:  Ingredients too warm or cold.  
Solution: Eggs must be room temp and added slowly.  

Problem: Cake lacks Volume.
Cause: Fat wasn't creamed long enough before the liquids were added to the batter/  Incorrect fat used/                      Flour too strong/ Old chemical leavener/ Egg foam under-whipped/ oven too hot.
Solution: Use correct ingredients/ Add a portion of flour then continue adding liquids/ Use a weaker flour/ Adjust oven temp/ Use fresh leavener (baking powder, baking soda, salt) / Use correct mixing method; Do not deflate eggs during folding (most cake methods use the creaming method unless making an egg white based cake).

Problem: Crust burst or cracked
Cause: Oven too hot/ Too much flour or too little liquid
Solution: Adjust oven temp./ Adjust formula; Scale accurately.

Problem: Cake shrinks after baking.
Cause: Weak internal structure/ Too much sugar or fat for the batter to support cake/ Not fully cooked.
Solution: Adjust Formula

Problem: Cake is dense or heavy
Cause: Too little leavening/ Too much fat or liquid/ Oven too cool/ Improper mixing *The longer a cake is mixed after the flour is added, the more the gluten develops, making a denser cake*
Solution: Test for doneness before removing from oven/ Cream fat or eggs properly/ Adjust oven temp/ *When adding flour, mix it just until it's incorporated unless a recipe states different.*

Problem: Texture is course with an open grain/ Poor flavor
Cause: Over mixing/ Oven too cool/ Poor ingredients/ Unclean pan
Solution: Adjust oven temp./ Alter mixing method/ Check flavor and aroma of ingredients/ Don't grease pans with rancid fats.

Problem: Uneven shape
Cause: Butter not incorporated evenly/ Batter spread unevenly/ Oven rack not level/ Uneven oven temp.
Solution: Incorporate fats complete/ Spread batter evenly/ Adjust oven racks/ Adjust oven temp.


This troubleshoot was from the book On Baking by Labenski, Martel and Van Damme. The asterisks were my personal note. Again, I hope this was easy to understand and helped someone out.

On Baking: A Textbook of Baking and Pastry Fundamentals (2nd Edition)

~Love in a Cupcake~


New Faces

The new face of my blog! With tons of research, I've found a beautiful new blog template that I think is so fitting for where we stand right now. I like to stay new and fresh. I want the blog to grow along with me. Luckily with some help I was able to add my own pic. of the 'Velours Rouge' cupcake as the banner, it looks great. 
King Arthur Flour Organic White Whole Wheat Flour -- 5 lbs Each/ Pack of 6So, I decided that my next entry would be a "Trouble Shoot" post of some of the problems you may run into when baking at home. I've got lots of great tips that I can't wait to share. We need to get back to baking our own desserts. It's so funny, once you get used to eating only what you make, you can tell a store bought product at the drop of a dime. It will usually taste like aluminum foil or some kind of metal, which would make sense being that there's aluminum in most baked goods. Interesting huh? It makes me wonder 'what for?'. This includes flour, so to get that...non-metallic cake you've been aching for, I'd recommend King Aurther's 100% Organic White Whole Wheat flour. In case you're wondering some of the health risks of aluminum when consumed in high amounts are: Digestive disorders, contact dermatitis and toxicity. Those are three of the many side effects. 

So now that you've been ALUMINUM-ALY EDUCATED. I found something very cool for my FUN IN THE SUN line. In case you haven't heard of them, cupcake wrappers literally take cupcakes from Here to ----------There- I mean a whole different level. They're applied to the cupcake after they've been baked and cooled, and may also add a lot of personality and illusion to your cupcakes.  I recently decided to do Cupcake Cones (cupcakes baked in icecream cones and made to look like real ice cream), but ran into a little bit of trouble with figuring out how to travel with the prepared cones as well as finding boxes that would fit them. That is, until I found ice cream cone cupcake wrappers. They're a little bit on the expensive side but I think they'd be a great addition to the summer line which I hope to start by the middle of this month. 

Lavish Mini Cupcake Wrapper, Ivory, 100 per pack


Like I mentioned in the last post, I'm going to be participating in a lot of vendor events and festivals this summer to really get the ball rolling. This past weekend the wonderful ladies of "Sophisticated and Simple event planning"  put together a vendor event at the D.A.P Hall in Wilmington which was awesome. This time I added the Petit Fours to the table which was the perfect addition. I also made less cupcakes than usual (about 98) with a cupcake bouquet on each end. As usual everyone was amazing and I met a lot of kind, driven people who I hope to see again. The cupcakes were a double hit and we made a lot of new couture customers! So before I wrap this entry up, I must add that if anyone knows of an event or is planning an event and looking for a SPECTACULAR GOURMET CUPCAKE girl, shoot me an email ;)

Loving the petit four addition
Everyone had a gorgeous table
A couple of roses 

Eloquent Honey Suckle Bouquet 

Fun Chic Chocolate Bouquet

The bouquets looked so much better in person

~Love in a Cupcake!~

Spring Update


It's been a while but it was needed. I've completed another semester of school, leaving me with one class left to get a baking and pastry cook diploma. Then a few classes to get the Culinary diploma. Ugh it's taken me so long with switching schools, but as long as I get what I need it's all worth it. Never give up. Oh, in the last week of class we got to have the winner of TLC's "Next Great Baker" Chef Dana grade our cakes and give us advice about the industry. He also talked a little about the show and how devastated he was to have to watch his cake get thrown off a roof lol.

SO! I went to JoAnne's today to get a really plain looking plant pot and a couple Styrofoam rounds to make cupcake bouquets. I figured I'd add this to my table, which brings up EVENTS. This spring/summer will be PACKED full of events and I've been on the hunt. I literally take about two-three hours everyday to look up new events and opportunities in the tri-state. With the clear weather coming and most of the rain behind us there have and will be a lot of yard sales and vendor fairs. I'll be signing up with churches, flea markets and other city events. I'll soon be at the Piazza in Philadelphia. So far I've been getting a lot of great feed back on my cupcakes and the new flavors...PEACHES N CREAM! ....The presentation is extra cute and fun. Spring time colors, cupcakes and polka dots, ya can't go wrong. I did a really fun event today at Elkton Presbyterian church. The energy was great and everyone was awesome. The table was a hit. My favorite question of the day "Are they real?". LOL. Yeah, that's the biggest compliment ever, along with "You have to be an artist to do these" :D. Last week St James episcopal did another event which I attended. Unfortunately it literally rained on my parade, but I did manage to meet a few people and save the cupcakes. The day before the event, I managed to take 12 hrs. to make 160 cupcakes/cheesecakes and 11 different flavors.WHOA. It never looks like that many until you're trying to get them in the car. But it was a lot of fun making them. The days that you're doing something you love are the best work days. 

In other news I've started making **PETIT FOURS** and in case you've never heard of 'em, they're like miniature cakes dipped in chocolate ganache or colored liquid fondant. Very exquisite. Of course I'll post pics of them further down. They're delicious. I've pretty much stuck to the almond frangipane cake and the apricot jam as the main petit four flavor, but of course you can choose any flavor of cake and filling you'd like. Btw...I may sign up for the next season of "Cupcake Wars". The application is in the kitchen.  Just the thought makes me nervous. Anyway that wraps up this entry, I'll be updating soon. Thanks guys!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Evelyn!

Spring theme table
St. James Episcopal Event

finishing a carrot cake

Elkton Presbyterian Church

~Love in a Cupcake~


Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

I've been away from the blog for a couple months, but the holidays have been great to me. This year, the fab five (mom, gmom, sis, aunt, myself) went on a carnival cruise to Universal Studios and the Bahamas. Now that I'm home, i'm still waiting for my bed to be made up when I come back in the house :sigh: all that is gone. But it's okay, we'll be able to do that again soon please God.

Now, down to BUSINESS. I heard a great bit of advice on the radio last week. For your new years resolutions,  instead of saying what you'd like to get done, write down the steps it'd take to get there and follow them. Simple but very true. Most resolutions don't get done because we tend to make wishes instead of goals. A goal of course includes steps to get to where you want to be. SO, that's what I'm doing. My ultimate dream for this year would be to own a bakery/cafe as a 22 year old Pastry/Culinary Chef. Now, realistically I know this is a bit of a reach, but I can do anything that I put the effort towards. So this year is seriously like, operation open a bakeshop or at least be on my way to really really being able to open one. God has already brought people into my life and opportunities to make this happen and I'm definitely going to take these offers and use them. It's unbelievable!! On the first day of the year, my mom and I had a convo about how we're really gonna crack down and get this going to open a bakery. Then the next day I was excited to hear that she ran into a cook who also flips restaurants. The convo they had got me so just goes to show you that when your ready and it's your time, you'll be blessed with the tools to make it happen. In the next few weeks a part from starting school back up, i'll be looking for a great location to have my bake shop.  

I guess i'll post a couple vaca pictures, and a cake pic I never got to put up...

BTW: I'm going to add heart shaped cakes to the list, a great idea for Valentines day!! After I decided to add this cake, I saw a beautiful heart shaped cake on the ship

ALSO...Cupcake bouquets. They're a beautiful and creative way to present a dozen cupcakes

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, a guitar cake that I never got to post up :D

~Love in a Cupcake~