Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

I've been away from the blog for a couple months, but the holidays have been great to me. This year, the fab five (mom, gmom, sis, aunt, myself) went on a carnival cruise to Universal Studios and the Bahamas. Now that I'm home, i'm still waiting for my bed to be made up when I come back in the house :sigh: all that is gone. But it's okay, we'll be able to do that again soon please God.

Now, down to BUSINESS. I heard a great bit of advice on the radio last week. For your new years resolutions,  instead of saying what you'd like to get done, write down the steps it'd take to get there and follow them. Simple but very true. Most resolutions don't get done because we tend to make wishes instead of goals. A goal of course includes steps to get to where you want to be. SO, that's what I'm doing. My ultimate dream for this year would be to own a bakery/cafe as a 22 year old Pastry/Culinary Chef. Now, realistically I know this is a bit of a reach, but I can do anything that I put the effort towards. So this year is seriously like, operation open a bakeshop or at least be on my way to really really being able to open one. God has already brought people into my life and opportunities to make this happen and I'm definitely going to take these offers and use them. It's unbelievable!! On the first day of the year, my mom and I had a convo about how we're really gonna crack down and get this going to open a bakery. Then the next day I was excited to hear that she ran into a cook who also flips restaurants. The convo they had got me so excited....it just goes to show you that when your ready and it's your time, you'll be blessed with the tools to make it happen. In the next few weeks a part from starting school back up, i'll be looking for a great location to have my bake shop.  

I guess i'll post a couple vaca pictures, and a cake pic I never got to put up...

BTW: I'm going to add heart shaped cakes to the list, a great idea for Valentines day!! After I decided to add this cake, I saw a beautiful heart shaped cake on the ship

ALSO...Cupcake bouquets. They're a beautiful and creative way to present a dozen cupcakes

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, a guitar cake that I never got to post up :D

~Love in a Cupcake~