Caliente Collabs!!

The coolest collabos are now taking place. I have teamed up with Zelle's Bridal Experience for some awesome opportunities and events. Working with a few event planners as a vendor is definitely the next step to ...Cupcake Hysteria  gaining more experience and working with some great people. And, can I just say...Zelle, yea she's on her job. So of course you can find some of the most AWESOME cupcakes and cakes ever by planning your event or wedding through her. As always, serving Pennsylvania, Jersey, and Delaware.Click here to visit her site.


I've also talked to a few others wanting to do events and a great photographer with whom I hope to lock plans in with soon. The next event for me will take place at the African American Museum. An all male fashion show with the theme being "Desperate Housewives". For this event Runway Ink requested that there be cupcakes w/ the logo which brought up a little bit of a delay. You guys know I don't turn down orders, so how was I gonna make this happen without a 500$ cake printing machine??? Ask around. Luckily the first stop I made (Shoprite) sells prints for 8$ a page. An awesome find, I honestly wasn't expecting that from them. But, now that I know....I CAN PUT ANY PICTURE OR LOGO ON YOUR CAKES AND CUPCAKES THAT YOUR SWEET HEART DESIRES!!!! YAYYYYYYY. This is a big deal and a huge come up. I'm ecstatic. The cake fairy has once again sprinkled my dreams with fairy dust. How awesome :)

Check out this cake

John Deere Cake
Happy Birthday Al!

Thanks Anna for the order


~Love in a Cupcake~

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