Couture on Wheels?

What's the HOTTEST thing in cupcake land in Philly..... cupcake trucks. Interesting. Especially since I thought of it first lol. Maybe not. But it is a good idea that has really been making its mark. If i'm not mistaken there are about three cupcake trucks total. Now you guys know what's missing from this equation right? Couture Cupcakes! I'm serious, there are no couture designer cupcakes on wheels. I think I might have to be the first to take I-95 by storm, who knows. I mentioned this idea to the MCC squad a while ago but it look like they're starting to see the frosting at the end of the tunnel. We'll see what happens. As a insomniac hard worker, I do most of my studying at night, and let me tell you- there are some beautiful catering vans out there just waiting to be filled with something fluffy and delicious. We are technically a home catering business, so it makes sense right?
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In other news, I've really been bitten by the dessert bug. I purchased the most adorable little treat bags from JoAnnes *Great place for bakers*, of course on the cover is a very cute cupcake. It was the last pack and only twenty for two dollars, so I had to snag it. I was thinking of using them for vendor events, maybe filling them with blondies? See, one thing about me, I love the texture of brownies but am not a big dark chocolate person. So a Blondie will always be my preference. I picked up a great blondie recipe in school and would love to put it to good use. So be on the look-out for some tempting blondie pictures!
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By the way, I noticed that I didn't have a page where you guys can contact me without having to send an order, sorry about that! It's now available, so any questions, feel free to CONTACT ME! I'm also setting up the gallery to make it easier to see the pictures without having to go through the older blogs, but it wouldn't hurt to check them out anyway!

Designer print tops
Runway Ink event

"Cake Wreck" fav of the week...

~Love in a Cupcake~

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