Next Great?

Alright you guys, it was a close call BUT...there is a winner to the MCC Contest. 
Congratulations to Dara H. for submitting a wonderfully fabulous, delicious and gluten free cake!

With that said, **I must introduce to you all 'Dara's Gluten free banana cake with caramel frosting and marshmallow'.**  (I'm not sure how i'm going to create a marshmallow drizzle, but we'll work it out :D)

This was a great combo and I've got to say, it's about time that we have a gluten free cake. I also decided to shorten the term "Jar Cake" (which doesn't sound too appetizing) to J-Cake. So if you would like to order a J-Cake for yourself or someone you think is amazing, you can go right ahead and do so. You will be able to get any one of the cakes listed on the order page delivered as a J-Cake**. 

In other news, if you follow MCC's fan page, you might remember me talking about a contest I entered to compete in the American Cancer Society's 'Cupcake Revolution' competition. The guest judge will be Chef Dana Herbert, winner of 'Next Great Baker'. A while back I posted a picture of him and a Pastry Chef Instructor of mine from when he came to judge our tiered cakes. From what he wrote on the review he could "definitely see the vision and artistry" in the cake. I hope he feels the same way come this Sunday. I'm extremely excited, despite if I win or not, it's going to be a great experience. I submitted my "Honey Suckle" cake, which has definitely been a favorite. SUGAR FAIRY DON'T LET ME DOWN NOW! We're on a roll!                                            *I'm not crazy, I just have a dream* LOL. 
A tempting table

Zebra print, Pink roses, Music and Bows

Red Velvet/Devils chocolate cake

AH! I ALMOST FORGOT! is no more, you can finally drop the 'Blogspot' and just come to Of course if you forget and add the blogspot to the link, you will still be directed to the right place. 

*Couture in a Cupcake*

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  1. Hi there Marisha! Congrats on your placement on Sunday. Keep up the great work and follow that dream!! From Karissa(the girl u chatted with that had the wedding cupcakes)

    1. Hi Karissa! Thanks so much for the comment. Shoot me an email!

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