Hey Guys!

I'm sure you've noticed, I've done a little revamping to the blog. I hope it's easier for you to get around; I've also updated a few things and added a "Tips and How To's" page which I will be adding on to regularly. The "Galleria" is now categorized into Cupcakes, Cakes, Themed Cakes and Others (cake pops, cookies, petit fours, etc). You can click on "Menu" to see an updated version of what once was "MCC Flyer". And of course the "Order" and "Contact Us" page are clearly visible. The prior design was a little difficult to get around with. So I hope this layout is a little more accessible for most of you, which I'm hearing it is. 

When you get a chance. I've listed some cool Holiday Ideas on my How To page that all of you bakers might really enjoy this holiday season.

I think I'll be doing this one...


And by the way...

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