My Birthday Wish

I had to make a post before the night was over so I could still say that it's my birthday. Yes, another year older, smarter and wiser. So wise that I came up with a great promotion that I had to post here before I called it a night. 

I also have to apologize for the lack of posts. I do most of my updating on Facebook nowadays. Not to mention Hilary Clinton and I have something in common, we both got delicious concussions around Christmas. SO, I'm sure you can imagine what that entails. Speaking of updating...I made a new video ::snicker:: Yes I did, and even though it's not the best, I'm proud of my little four minute video. Sadly it didn't come out full screen like I had hoped for BUT, it get's the message across. Which was instructing you guys on how to make a beautiful buttercream rose, be it for cakes or cupcakes. So for those of you daring pastry lovers who want to take a shot at a buttercream rose, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU!


And if for some reason it doesn't help, turn the music up, close your eyes and vibe out. 


Expect another video sometime this week for Valentines Day ideas! 
I'm thinking a heart cake and a rose cupcake bouquet. I don't know, we'll see.
Well that's all for now. Happy Baking!!
Swirl/Rose Ombre Cake

~Couture in a Cupcake~

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