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Buttercream Roses and Store bought frosting

Hi everyone! I just posted this week’s video.

For this video, I had the idea of not only showing you guys how to make a beautiful buttercream rose (and throwing some tips in along the way) but showing the difference between homemade buttercream (or partially homemade) and store bought frosting. 

When I first started learning how to make buttercream roses and practicing almost every day, I'd buy a jar of the pre-made stuff and go a little crazy. While there are stiff frosting's available for piping (usually at craft stores), most store bought frosting's I've come across are too "creamy" to use for elaborate piping. Making your own fresh delicious buttercream from scratch is preferred but not always convenient, there are small things you can do to make your store bought frosting the perfect consistency. 

In the video I added 1/2 cup of confectioner's sugar to my 1 cup of frosting. 

As you can see, they turned out beautifully. Before doing this, the roses would eventually droop down the rose nail and I could never finish the last row of petals. Take a look at the difference. 

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Hope you all had a fun and amazing July 4th!
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