Marshmallow Fondant Recipe

We're talking homemade fondant :: snicker ::
Marshmallow fondant has to be one of the most mentally daunting things to create, yet it's incredibly simple!

This week’s video was a delicious marshmallow fondant from scratch. The ingredients are simple and are probably already in your kitchen.

This recipe makes enough fondant to cover a 4 tier wedding cake 6", 8", 10", 12" and would normally cost about $30 in stores. Here, you're only spending about between $3.

You'll Need: 

32oz Confectioner's Sugar

1/4 C of Vegetable Shortening

20 oz. Marshmallows

2 tbsp. water

1. In a microwave safe bowl- Heat your water 
and marshmallows up for 1 minute or until soft. 
Keep an eye out, they puff up. 

2. Transfer the gooey goodness to your mixing bowl, 
add shortening and apply dough hook. 

3. While mixing slowly incorporate confectioners’ sugar and any flavors and/or 
you may be adding. Continue to knead in mixer for five minutes 
or until fondant starts to pull away from the bowl.

 4. Transfer fondant from the bowl onto a table well coated 
with powdered sugar. Pull up those sleeves and knead all of 
your pains away!

*Voila* You've got homemade fondant. 
Now wrap him up (air tight plz), name him if you'd like (too much?) 
and pop him in an air tight container until he can be put to good use.  

*Think about your environment. A humid one might call for you to knead in some extra confectioners’ sugar*.

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