Promo 9/15-9/22 National Cupcake Week

 It's National Cupcake Week!! 
I can't believe that there's a week dedicated to cupcakes but I'm not mad at it. 
So, I've created this delicious promo for you all.
There's no limit and you can even order now for future orders!
So for example, say you've got a Christmas party that you know about now and will need cupcakes for, if you place the order within this week, it will be held and still apply to your order in December. 
Happy Cupcaking
Hurry you've only got until Sunday!

*Couture in a Cupcake*

Cam Down!

Hey Cake Lovers
Can you believe we're already just about through summer!? I didn't get to go away, but I have enjoyed all of the deliveries and tastings that have kept me busy. 
I was wondering why I kept seeing Christmas movies and shows come on all of the sudden at the end of August... My mom reminded me that it's only 3 months away. I had this face O.O and this face -.- going at the same time. I thought all the movies started in November, but it's true, Christmas is in three months. I'm actually coming across a few Holiday vendor events already. 
Speaking of Holiday, yesterday was Labor Day and I prepared a delicious dinner. As a side dish- My Cheesy Potato Leek Soup! I love Instagrams' new video recorder; I was able to capture the whole process. To see the video click here


As the title says, I think my camera is down. For some reason it won't charge, I probably have to mess with it a little bit. But, we were in the middle of doing the DIY for the Bride and Groom Cupcakes (below) then the "doot doot" went off, meaning the battery was low. From then on we couldn't get the camera to charge. So we'll try again this week. Hopefully that means we'll be bringing two DIY's.

And I want to THANK YOU to some of you who have tagged me in pictures of recipes you've tried from the DIY's :D They make me so happy lol. I wish you guys could see my reaction, I get so excited. Please, if you try a DIY tag me @MarishasCouture I'd love to see your creations and thank you for watching. 


*Couture in a Cupcake*