Couture Cakes Oct 21st update

Hey Cakenistas!

I've got loads of pictures to share with you and I thought I'd dedicate a whole post to doing so. 

I hope you all have been watching the MCC videos! The new "season" of videos are faster, shorter and filled with tasty info. I've also started blogging! So stay tuned.


Baby Shower cake. Top Tier- Velours Rouge and 2nd tier Vanilla.

The latest DIY- Pumpkin Couture at its' finest. Not all toppers have to be edible.
We had some gold wire used for toppers and decided to add a little swirl to mock the pumpkin vines.
Video here

A sugar free marble car cake (2001 Dodge Charger). Accompanied with a lawn mower,
security badge and transmission. 

Couture Cupcakes- (Left to Right) Sweet Potato, Ooh La La Lemon,
Strawberry Shortcake, and Apricot
A stunning Old Hollywood Glamour wedding cake.
Top tier- Rosettes. Italian wedding cake and vanilla cake filled w/ marscapone whipped cream and madagascar vanilla frosting.
Second tier- Rough Iced- Lemon cake w/ lemon curd and vanilla frosting.
Third Tier- Fondant skirt. Same flavor as the first tier.
Grooms' Cake- Chocolate fudge with salted caramel.
To watch the fun Vlog/cake setup for this click here.

Baby shower cake- Top tier chocolate, 2nd tier marble.

Rosette Cupcakes- Velours Rouge

Petit Fours- Logo Best Buddies of DE and Audi. Orange Spice cake.

Pumpkin Cheesecakes. *DIY tutorial*


*Couture in cupcake*


  1. Over the past few years I have seen trend is increasing when it come to cakes, people want to have customized cakes and cake makers are really good with that. Thank you for sharing these customized cakes with us

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