Love is in the air....

Hey there Cake Lovers. Love is in the air, and it smells sweet and chocolatey.

I'm sure some of you have started making plans for Valentine's Day. I've been brainstorming for a few delicious ideas myself. I've actually been on a crafty splurge: A 'what can I do with this' type of vibe. One thing I have PLENTY of are cupcake and candy liners. When I first started baking I gave each flavor its' own distinct printed liner. Very cute but not very efficient considering it's sometimes hard to find the same liners twice. So, I'm sticking with a nice plain white liner and leaving the special liners up for request. Meaning, I've probably got a few hundred liners of different patters from tiny to jumbo so I've come up with a great no, FANTASTIC way to use these liners. Cupcake and Cake Toppers!!! I've been trying to come up with something to offer you all that's made with my own two hands. I call this Cakenista Couture at its' finest!

I introduce to you all the POM POM CAKE TOPPERS:

Click below to watch the tutorial  


Click below to watch the tutorial

What's not to love, they're fashionable, cute, and bring out the couture in a cupcake. OH! See what I just did there!?

These are also available for order to top your lovely cakes! If you haven't visited the Channel on Youtube yet please do so by clicking the videos in this post or along the left side bar. 

Couture in a Cupcake!

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