Faux Airbrushing

Happy Spring Cakenistas!

I have a wonderful technique that will save you a buck or three hundred. 
In the leopard print video, I needed a back splash of brown and orange hues for this cat friendly pattern. To create that realistic look, I used one thing that you probably all have in your kitchens....paper towel. 
At the time I didn't realize what I was doing , all I knew was that I didn't have an airbrush machine, but I wanted that look. Unfortunately, this technique will only work on fondant cakes. 

To get this look:
Simply dab your paper towel into the colors of your choice. Then lightly swipe in whatever direction the design of your cake calls for. You can even do a sponge effect with a small unused makeup sponge by dipping that into your food dye and tapping lightly onto your cake. 

There's so many ways to create texture and flare to your cakes, so get creative!

Leopard Print Cake

Couture in a Cupcake!

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