Congrats Grads!

This has been an awesome month. 

About six years ago, my mom made the heroic decision of going back to school while working full time. We were both in college and even managed to have a class together which was awesome (dream come true). I got to watch an amazing woman push past limitations, and excel beyond the expectations that some may have set for a woman in her fifties going back to school. My mom has maintained nothing below a 3.5 GPA and has managed to have gotten straight A's most semesters. Six years ago, I watched, and helped, a  student who had put her dreams on hold for decades to raise her family, get back into the swing of things. About a six days ago, I got to watch that same woman proudly walk across a stage receiving her Masters Degree. No amount of words on this earth could express how proud and blessed I am to have a Mother who never settled for less.

With that said, I want to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to every individual graduate of 2014, the grads of the future and of the past. If you've jumped hurdles and broken boundaries, then congratulations to you as well for being a brave individual and changing your life for the better.

I was asked by a client to make a cake that I've never attempted but always wanted to. Stacked textbooks for a graduate who studied Photography and Graphic Arts. Of course I was nervous, but, I did a lot of research so I knew what route to take. As usual, I wasn't liking the outcome of the cake and took what I'd consider a major risk (which is normal for me). I grabbed a paint brush and got to dipping and dabbing. I followed my instincts and it definitely proved to be right. This cake might be my favorite one to date. I decided to make a gradient effect from the corners in - to give an antiqued feel. The bottom tier is Velours Rouge (Red Velvet) and the top tier is Lemon Cream. Everything on the cake is made of fondant and edible. I hope she loves it as much as I do!

Congratulations Erika!

My mom continued with her schooling, hopping straight into another semester. By August she'll have a second Masters Degree! She's getting a little degree happy lol! Congrats Mommy!! Love you.
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