Couture Galleria

Coconut- Chanel

Orange Spice

Haute Chocolate

Cranberry Apple Pie w/ Struesal topping

Haute Chocolate Cake

Chocolate covered strawberry

Mini Cakes

 Coconut Cream

Mini Cakes


Mini tier

Strawberry shortcake Corset

Treat Basket

Girls Best Friend (lime) Gucci

Caramel Apple

24karat Cake

Flower wedding bouquet

Chocolate covered banana

Pumpkin Spice w/ cream cheese frosting

petit fours and strawberry shortcakes
cookie pops

Haute Choc. cake w/ choc. roses

White choco. cranberry cheesecake w/ fruit compote


Lemon pound cake

Chocolate Cake

Coconut Couture

Small choco. torte

Red velvet birhday cake

Seasonal Egg Nog

Barbadian Coconut Plain Cake

Honey Suckle

Haute Choco. cake

Eggless Strawberry Shortcake

Marble Guitar Cake

Velours Rouge (Red Velvet) and fudge

Garden Theme Chocolate 

Peaches n cream, banana, strawberry short., haute choco., coconut

Event Table

24 karrot Cake

Summer theme event table

Petit Four box addition

Punk theme rose bouquet

Petit Fours

Honey Suckle Cupcake bouquet

White choco., black tie, honey suckle, lemon

Flag Cupcakes

Patriotic Theme Banana Cupcakes

Chocolate "Rocker" Cake

Girls Best Friend (lime)

Cherry and Lemon cheesecake minis

Sesame Street theme

Honey Suckle "Classic Cake"

Pina Coloda Cake (coconut + pineapple)

Dora the Explorer theme

Ooh la la lemon, Marble

Velours Rouge cupcake

Marble Birthday Cake

Dangeously inlove minis
Chocolate w/ pink roses

Marble sheet cake, Vanilla pound cake tractor
Fashion themed cupcakes

German Chocolate Cake

Lemon Meringue

Music theme two tiered cake

Holiday Cookies

Spritz cookie assortment

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