Rozlyn W., Phila. PA

Dara H., Phila. PA

Marisha baked ALL the cupcakes for my wedding and they were a huge hit! She is such a sweet individual who puts her heart, soul, and passion into baking, and let me tell you, they are more than delectable! Thanks Marisha!!
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Allison K. Phila. PA

Had a “tasting” meeting with Marisha today. The cupcakes were beyond delicious and we are major foodies. We thought SAS cupcakes in Newark were good – these were BETTER. These cupcakes put Magnolia Bakery in New York to shame. Put in an order for 200 cupcakes, 6 fabulous flavors. Met Marisha and her mom and they were as sweet as those cakes. Going to bed tonight dreaming of Marisha’s cupcakes. Thanks Marisha. A little taste of heaven!!!

Pat & Allison A., Phila. PA

The wedding went wonderful.  The cake got rave reviews.  I will have pictures in the future and will be in touch. Thanks! 

Liz A. PA

Thanks Marisha's Couture Cakes for being the creative person that you are and making such a flavorsome cake and cupcakes. The guest of honor and guests loved the idea and enjoyed the treats. 

The Experience- Wedding & Event Consulting, Phila. PA

Hi Marisha! I don't think I ever took the time to say THANK YOU for all your hard work for our wedding. The cupcakes were great! I wish we could have eaten more but we were whisked away from the table. Daniel and I agree we will have to get some more around the holiday season so we can enjoy them like our guests did. Thanks again for helping to make our wedding day amazing! God bless! 

Daniel and Wyneesha, Phila. PA

The strawberry J-Cake at the Family Fun Day was sooo good. It was very fresh and perfect for a hot summer day. Your strawberry shortcake is definitely my favorite.

David G. Newark, DE

These are the most delicious cupcakes I've ever eaten! Customer service was great and our order was ready at the designated time. Thank you so much!

Lanna G. Philadelphia, PA

Marisha was at a bridal expo with her cakes they were delicious. She had a variety of cakes each one was moist and very very tasty. I'm a person who knows how to throw down in the kitchen and I don't eat everyone's food but her cakes are a must have for any event. 

Maliaya P. Darby, PA

Your cakes are awesome! Not only are they amazingly beautiful but they have a rich taste and texture. Your cupcakes are also exceptional.

Elaine H., Philadelphia, PA

Marisha's cakes are indeed one of a kind, and left me with an overall feeling of satisfaction. Once seen and tasted, it becomes evident a lot of thought & patience was put into the presentation, along with making each recipe unique. I would recommend Marisha to anyone for any occasion.

Adrian S., Philadelphia, PA

I have tried every flavor and still cannot decide which one I love the best! Every one of Marisha's creations taste as gorgeous as they look!! The cakes, cupcakes and petit fours are the best I've ever had. They are the creations of a truly gifted chef.

Cheryl L., Newark, DE
Marisha is one of the best pastry chef’s out there today. I love her cakes even though she’s known for her cupcakes (which rock by the way). The flavors she make up and put together are incredible. My most favorite is Haute Chocolate (yum mouth watering people).If I didn't get fat I would eat it 24/7 . She’s amazing to say the least. Try one or ALL of her cakes and cupcakes.
Katerina K., Philadelphia, PA

I had the pleasure of enjoying a bridal shower cake and cupcakes by Marisha. WOW!!! It was beautiful and tasted amazing!! Best cake ever. I’m not usually a huge fan of fondant, but holy cow this was unlike any other icing I’ve had! I won’t go anywhere else for specialty cakes!

Cheryl McClea, Newark, DE

Marisha did the cake and cupcakes for my daughter’s bridal shower in Wildwood. Her creations are just beautiful. Seashells!!! And, sand!!!! Who would think? On a cake?? Beautiful. Folks are still talking about the creativeness. And, the cake and cupcakes were delicious.

Elaine H., Philadelphia, PA

Marisha's Couture Cakes featured on Profile Tree-  Click here for an awesome read.

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