First Vendor Experience

       :) :) :) If I could write out a hundred smileys I would. :D It was great. I literally was making cupcakes up until the last second. Which made us a little late but we still made it. My table looked exactly like I'd been planning it in my mind lol. Everyone was sooooo nice, it was a wonderful environment and the other tables were gorgeous!! I sat down and looked around at all of the other tables while trying to restrain myself from getting up and buying stuff. Of course I was a little nervous at first, but the second I walked in it felt warm and had a great energy. I had a nice little variety. I made a little over a dozen of the Coconut Couture, Candy Apple *which sold out*, Haute Chocolate, Honey Suckle, and Ooh La la lemon. I also made a few key lime pies, strawberry shortcakes and tins of Spritz cookies with blackberry jam in the middle. So, of course at least one slightly disastrous thing had to happen, and what better than the cakes falling over :). Something told me that would happen, and as a Chef, you must have a back-up plan. So, of course I packed my brand new cake slicer ;) and the church aka: Ms.Amber Luckey ;) provided me with a few plates to help me out. 

A big plus was knowing that my mom was right across the room selling her beautiful handmade jewelry LOOK LOOK! Her table was beautiful, very classy and simple. She had a lot fun as well. We met a lot of nice people, and definitely hope to see them again.

I wasn't able to take a picture from the front, plus these were taken on a cell phone, but
the table was beautiful :D So I also found a great recipe for an eggless
cake that one of my friends needed. I made that into a strawberry shortcake. It 
tasted just like any other really good vanilla cake you'd cake. 

Haute Chocolate Cake
~Love in a Cupcake~

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