The new, thought of and created last night... EGG NOG Cupcake ::whistles and cheers:: See, I told you all when I get in the Holiday Spirit, I get in hard! lol. If you could put holiday spirit in a cup and drink it, guess'd taste like EGG NOG! As you can already probably tell, I absolutely LOVE egg nog. When I see it in the market (especially for the first time of the year) I pass it, do a double take and walk backwards. It's like my body's taken over, if I don't get it, I have to at least touch the carton. So, for the cake, I added a little less sugar, and egg nog of course, but not too much. The frosting is the best part, the first bite screams eggg nooogg! The only thing I might do different, is add a pinch of kosher salt to counter balance the sweetness. Of course what better to top it off than a sprinkle of nutmeg. Can you picture this in a mug?

Egg nog cupcake

In about a week there's this really cool event happening in Newport,DE to raise money for the new soup kitchen at St. James Episcopal Church. It's a Ladies Shopping Night, where you can bring your old jewelry and cash it in. There will be plenty of vendors including myself. If by chance you'd like to come, it's on November 20,2010, email me and I'll send you the link. Hope to see you there!!!

 Barbadian Plain Cake
 Key Lime Pie

*This week I made a few Barbadian Plain Cakes. I decided to make this cake to see if
I could come close to the cakes my great grandmother from Barbados. I'll know
this weekend after my dad tries one. It's a cross between a pound cake
and regular yellow cake. I added a hint of coconut extract, instead of the almond
extract the recipe calls for. I think it's one of the best cakes I've had, but it may be
an acquired taste.*

~Love in a Cupcake~

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