Spring Update


It's been a while but it was needed. I've completed another semester of school, leaving me with one class left to get a baking and pastry cook diploma. Then a few classes to get the Culinary diploma. Ugh it's taken me so long with switching schools, but as long as I get what I need it's all worth it. Never give up. Oh, in the last week of class we got to have the winner of TLC's "Next Great Baker" Chef Dana grade our cakes and give us advice about the industry. He also talked a little about the show and how devastated he was to have to watch his cake get thrown off a roof lol.

SO! I went to JoAnne's today to get a really plain looking plant pot and a couple Styrofoam rounds to make cupcake bouquets. I figured I'd add this to my table, which brings up EVENTS. This spring/summer will be PACKED full of events and I've been on the hunt. I literally take about two-three hours everyday to look up new events and opportunities in the tri-state. With the clear weather coming and most of the rain behind us there have and will be a lot of yard sales and vendor fairs. I'll be signing up with churches, flea markets and other city events. I'll soon be at the Piazza in Philadelphia. So far I've been getting a lot of great feed back on my cupcakes and the new flavors...PEACHES N CREAM! ....The presentation is extra cute and fun. Spring time colors, cupcakes and polka dots, ya can't go wrong. I did a really fun event today at Elkton Presbyterian church. The energy was great and everyone was awesome. The table was a hit. My favorite question of the day "Are they real?". LOL. Yeah, that's the biggest compliment ever, along with "You have to be an artist to do these" :D. Last week St James episcopal did another event which I attended. Unfortunately it literally rained on my parade, but I did manage to meet a few people and save the cupcakes. The day before the event, I managed to take 12 hrs. to make 160 cupcakes/cheesecakes and 11 different flavors.WHOA. It never looks like that many until you're trying to get them in the car. But it was a lot of fun making them. The days that you're doing something you love are the best work days. 

In other news I've started making **PETIT FOURS** and in case you've never heard of 'em, they're like miniature cakes dipped in chocolate ganache or colored liquid fondant. Very exquisite. Of course I'll post pics of them further down. They're delicious. I've pretty much stuck to the almond frangipane cake and the apricot jam as the main petit four flavor, but of course you can choose any flavor of cake and filling you'd like. Btw...I may sign up for the next season of "Cupcake Wars". The application is in the kitchen.  Just the thought makes me nervous. Anyway that wraps up this entry, I'll be updating soon. Thanks guys!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Evelyn!

Spring theme table
St. James Episcopal Event

finishing a carrot cake

Elkton Presbyterian Church

~Love in a Cupcake~

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