5/12 Update

Hi readers!

I just wanted to stop by to share some new info with you guys. Everyone has a twitter page now, so it was only right that I create one as well. Just to share updates, events and info with you guys. I'm all about sharing the love so I will gladly follow you back!

I'd also love it, if you all visited my Facebook page. I've made it so much more accessible to you guys. To Like my page, just scan the bar code below into your device and it's just that fast. 

Wow sorry for the size, I can't seem to make it smaller. But anywho, if you'd like to join me on Pinterest, please do that also. I loveeee that site. Pinterest.com/MarishasCoutureCakes

Honestly, you can just about find me anywhere. Since I'm just throwing everything out there, I'm on Tumblr also LOL!

Okay so before I go, I have to share my newest fav cake with you guys. I can't hold it back any longer!!  This cake took roughly 4 hours for the design, and about two hours to bake the cakes, cool, carve and assemble.

If you are interested in what it took to make this cake. Click HERE to be directed to my video.

I thought i'd share this one. It's a new design I came up with, but didn't finish.
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~Love in a Cupcake~

Hey cake lovers!

Today was very productive. I was a vendor at Zelles Bridal Events "Do it yourself workshop". My family and I had a blast meeting all of the lovely couples and vendors. I was so excited to show off my new table setup, which is more of a chic, stylish and modern table. Needless to say, it was beautiful, and being that my fav color combo is white and black, I was wearing white and black, and my room is white and black....I felt right at home :D I also unveiled my new topsy-turvy cake model which looks gorgeous on the table. The best thing about cake models - they last however long you need them to as long as you take care of them. Everyone was in awe of the cute little cupcake mini's and don't even get me started on the bouquet reactions. I loved every bit of it, it's nice to know that all my hours of hard work go very appreciated. 

Cake model

Congratulations to Jennifer Shaffer for winning the raffle for a free birthday cake

~Love in a Cupcake~