Swan Catering

I'm so so, so so, so excited. My mom and I have created Swan Catering and Event Planning. Why Swan? Swan's represent elegance, beauty and grace. My mom has always been intrigued by Swans and used to draw them a lot as a teen. So, it only seemed natural that we start Swan Catering.

In my post Culinary Chef first, Pastry Chef second I explained how I kind of fell upon Pastry and Baking but Culinary has always been and will always be my first love. Of course there's no way for anyone who has never met me to know this, but when asked "Can you cook?" I think my jaw drops a little lol. As some of you know on my 17th birthday I got a Chefs assistant job at the DuPont Hotel. That was some of the best on the job training you could find. I also started doing some catering and personal chef work. I wanted to get into it more but I was also a college student since 16. Yup, I like to keep myself busy. I was also an Avon lady but that's a different story. I started doing volunteer work while going to school, and some other work with Chefs, then MCC was born. With MCC comes Swan Catering, see how it all just flows into one another? So, I'm very excited to start. If you think my cakes are good, wait until you try my food. I'll rock your socks.

With that, I'd like to invite you all to Swan's first event and launch party.

*Couture in a Cupcake*