Easy Pumpkin Themed Cupcakes

EZ Pumpkin Couture Cupcakes

In the last DIY we created some amazingly couture pumpkin cupcakes.
If you haven't seen the video, these themed cupcakes are surprisingly easy and a lot of fun.
Click Here to watch the video, or see the step by step instructions below.

EZ Couture Pumpkin Cupcakes

Step 1: Create your frosting. Add orange gel dye to a vanilla frosting. I used a "simple buttercream" base of just butter, confectioner's sugar, vanilla and a pinch of salt. When coloring your frosting, start off by adding just a dot, and keep doing so until you get your desired shade of orange.

Step 2: Using Tip #847 pipe the orange buttercream onto the cupcake in a slight up and down motion, creating a ripple. Make sure to keep your piping bag upright.

Step 3: We used our homemade marshmallow fondant but you can definitely use store bought. Color your fondant with a green gel dye and create a stem and leaf. We did so by simply flattening a piece of fondant and using scissors to cut out a leaf shape. Make the stem by rolling a small piece of fondant. 
And that's it! Easy Pumpkin themed cupcakes. 

Disclaimer: We added gold wire to the cupcakes for show as "cake jewelry". When ordered the cupcakes will not come with the wire. 

Couture in a Cupcake

Couture Cakes Oct 21st update

Hey Cakenistas!

I've got loads of pictures to share with you and I thought I'd dedicate a whole post to doing so. 

I hope you all have been watching the MCC videos! The new "season" of videos are faster, shorter and filled with tasty info. I've also started blogging! So stay tuned.


Baby Shower cake. Top Tier- Velours Rouge and 2nd tier Vanilla.

The latest DIY- Pumpkin Couture at its' finest. Not all toppers have to be edible.
We had some gold wire used for toppers and decided to add a little swirl to mock the pumpkin vines.
Video here

A sugar free marble car cake (2001 Dodge Charger). Accompanied with a lawn mower,
security badge and transmission. 

Couture Cupcakes- (Left to Right) Sweet Potato, Ooh La La Lemon,
Strawberry Shortcake, and Apricot
A stunning Old Hollywood Glamour wedding cake.
Top tier- Rosettes. Italian wedding cake and vanilla cake filled w/ marscapone whipped cream and madagascar vanilla frosting.
Second tier- Rough Iced- Lemon cake w/ lemon curd and vanilla frosting.
Third Tier- Fondant skirt. Same flavor as the first tier.
Grooms' Cake- Chocolate fudge with salted caramel.
To watch the fun Vlog/cake setup for this click here.

Baby shower cake- Top tier chocolate, 2nd tier marble.

Rosette Cupcakes- Velours Rouge

Petit Fours- Logo Best Buddies of DE and Audi. Orange Spice cake.

Pumpkin Cheesecakes. *DIY tutorial*


*Couture in cupcake*

10 small but magical baking tips

Hey Cake Lovers!

One thing that I love doing is sharing the tips and tricks I've gathered from countless mess-ups and mishaps. I get asked a lot of questions, and they're the same questions that I had in the beginning also. So, why not answer them here. I hope this helps.

10 MAGICAL Baking Tips

1. There are dry measuring cups and wet measuring cups. Measuring one in the other will result in off measurements.

2. Don't over mix. During the mixing process, gluten is being worked and the proteins in the batter begin to strengthen. Always mix until just incorporated for a tender product unless the recipe states otherwise. Over-mixing causes "tunneling": small tunnels in the cake.


3. Parchment paper please. Yes the old fashioned "butter then flour the pan" method works great, BUT with larger cakes I've had some disasters. I find that a piece of parchment on the bottom of a pan is my best bet. I also spray the sides with nonstick spray. It works every time.


4. Always have a timer on hand. We have cell phones, tablets and gadgets of all sorts. If you have one of these then there's no excuse to not have a timer. Timing is everything when it comes to baking. 

5. Make use of that freezer! One of the biggest tips to decorating a professional looking cake is utilizing that freezer! When the cakes cool down wrap them up and pop them in the freezer. This limits the opportunity of tender cakes breaking apart when trimming and stacking. After crumb coating, put the cake in the freezer for a few minutes. Then, when you finish your final frosting, leave it in the freezer to get hard. When the buttercream hardens is when I fix up any little mistakes I've made. By storing properly, loads can be done ahead of time.

6. Patience is a virtue. So many people complain of having their icing melt from frosting too soon. If you have to, follow tip #5- wrap it up and stick in the freezer for a while. 

7. Read read read, then read some more. Knowing where you went wrong can prevent you from making that mistake again. Look for trouble shoot charts for cakes. I've got one here on the site: click here

8. Flours. There's pastry flour, cake flour, all purpose flour, bleached flour, bread, rice and the list goes on. So which is best for your cake? Based off of my own experience, using cake flour really lightens up a cake and makes it considerably fluffier. I add both A.P flour and cake flour to my cakes. If you can't find cake flour, here's a recipe:
For every one cup of All purpose flour remove 2 tbsp and replace that with 2 tbsp of corn starch. Sift the flour about 6 times. If this is too much for you amazon.com has plenty to choose from. 

9. Know your oven. The top and middle racks are usually preferred for baking (breads, cakes, cookies, etc). The bottom rack can easily burn your precious delicacies, trust me. 

10. Ingredients that will add a great bit of moisture to you cakes: applesauce (I prefer cinnamon flavored for carrot cakes), sour cream, buttermilk, butter, and avocado (yup avocado).

This chart always comes in handy...

-Couture in a Cupcake-