2015 will be our year of new beginnings, new relationships, fun, happiness and creating fabulous foods. At the end of the year I like to look back and remember all of the things that I wanted to accomplish. ::Stares off:: Cakes that I never got around to baking (angel chiffon), and dreams with visions of 5 layered deliciousness that I never got to turn into an edible reality. Well, 2015 will be that year for all of us epicureans who live for creating a piece of artwork from only a few pantry ingredients. With a heartfelt introduction, here are a few wonderful Culinary & Pastry New Years Resolutions.  


Once you've had a roll or slice of warm bread fresh out of the oven, a little flavor "omg" switch goes off in your heart and head. It's telling you that 1. You just had some of the best bread you've ever tasted in your life, and 2. You need the recipe because you're never going back to buying bread again. Unfortunately, the thought of bread making is a task in itself. One wrong move and you've got little rocks that are only good for chucking. Honestly, having a good mixer with a dough hook is half the battle. So, here's an easy and delicious bread that I've had the pleasure of baking a few times. It's fairly simple and bakes up beautifully.Quick Potato Rolls
Resolution: We will bake our own breads and leave the preservatives and extra sugars behind in the store aisles.


Sponge cakes (like the chiffon one I've been meaning to make) are such a beautiful lighter alternative to the classic yellow cake that most of us are used to. Contrary to what most may believe, they're actually very easy to make. If you can make a birthday cake from scratch, you can most definitely make a sponge cake. The trick to keeping your sponge cake light and fluffy is folding instead of mixing - a gentle hand is all you need. So, bring out your softer side and let's make this delicious lemon chiffon cake. Lemon Chiffon Cake
Resolution: We will take on the sponge!


One of my favorite Chef instructors made all of his students taste each and every herb and spice that came into the kitchen. Not just taste it but actually hold it in your mouth for a while. No doubt this was hard to do, especially when it came to the spices. But with doing that I am now able to detect most if not all spices and herbs used in a dish. There are no rules when it comes to cooking, so add some cinnamon to your pot roast and a dash of chili powder to your chocolate cake. The sky is the limit!
Resolution: We will not let the break up of the "Spice Girls" be in vain. 


Nature provides the best cake toppers, fillers and dyes. We will incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies into our baked goods. I don't mean just for flavor, here's an example: The red dye used to color our beloved Red Velvet cake mixes are commonly extracted from a beetle...yes you read correctly. Why use...Beetlejuice (sorry I had to) when beets can easily be used as a red dye. They not only carry a beautiful beet red, but are virtually tasteless when added to cakes. Pomegranates would also be a great alternative. Just something to think about next time you want to add a little bit of color to your cakes. Check out this delicious Red Velvet Cake recipe using beet puree.
Resolution: We will be nature's bestie!



Whatever your passion, find others who love to indulge as much as you do. There are plenty of cake decorating/baking and culinary boards for you to ask questions, converse in and share your wonderful creations. Reach out to others by sharing your journey on a blog or joining a group where others can connect. With the internet being a part of most of our everyday lives, connecting now is easier than ever. Just look at the women in the pic, don't they look happy?
Resolution: We will be bold and make new friends. 


If you're like me you have dozens of cookbooks that you've gathered throughout the years. Either they were passed down or you went perusing through the bookstore with an appetite. Now, when was the last time you looked through those old cookbooks? Yup, I thought so - it's been a while. Let's get back to the basics shall we? Here's a challenge for all us: Let's pick up the oldest thickest cookbook that we have, and at least twice a month, make a new recipe from the book. It must be something that we've never tried before. I bought those cookbooks for a reason and it wasn't to one day hop on the internet to find the quickest way to cook a pack of ground turkey. So this new year, we'll try new things and before you know it it's December and you've made 24 recipes!
Resolution: Pick up a book, drop the nook (tablets, cells, laptops and anything else electronic).

You don't have to have a resolution. Just promise yourself to laugh more, love more, learn more and be yourself. 

~Couture in a Cupcake~

Share your New Years Resolutions below!

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