They're alive! Try these easy buttercream cupcakes with only a few necessities. Swap out the piping bag for a small sandwich bag to consider these one of the quickest, cutest Halloween cupcakes ever. Scroll all the way down to watch the YouTube tutorial. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel while you're at it! 

You'll Need:
Frosting: Green, Black, White
Piping bag w/ small round tip or a Sandwich bag
Butter Knife

1. I used a couple dots of green gel dye to achieve this shade of green. Using a butter knife, simply pat a large mound of frosting on the cupcake and flatten the top while keeping some height to the frosting. If needed, scrape the knife around the frosting for a cleaner edge.

2. Place the black buttercream in a piping bag with a small circle tip OR a sandwich bag with a small cut in the corner. Pipe zig-zags across the top of the cupcake to create the hairline. Continue to go around the edge and fill it in completely. Use the piping tip or a tooth pick to completely fill in all of the small gaps.

3. Next, create a few stitches by piping one short line (about 1/2 in.) with 2 or 3 lines going across. For Frankenstein's mouth, I decided to do a zig-zag smile and a straight face, but you can do whatever you'd like here. I'd recommend making each cupcake look different.

4. Place white frosting in a sandwich bag with a small cut in the corner to pipe the whites of the eyes. To remove the peak on the eyes, simply wet a finger and lightly pat the white dots to flatten.

5. Once again, take the black frosting from before and pipe small black dots in the center of the whites. This is also a great place to personalize the cupcakes. Here, you can make the direction of the eyes different on all of your cupcakes.

You can also pipe a small dot on both sides of the face to make small bolts.

Happy Halloween.

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