Vampire Cookie Pops & Bloody Milkshakes

I've been in a Vampire kind of mood, so for this Halloween I wanted to make something fun and simple that anyone could do. This is a fun and easy family treat that any vamp would love. I decided to make vampire mouth lollipops and a bloody milkshake to go along with it. The best thing about these lollipop cookies is that you can hold it up as your own vampire mouth before taking a bite! The milkshake may look bloody, but it's oh so delicious and flavored with berries.

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Vampire Cookie Pops & Bloody Milkshake

Milkshake (2 servings):
2 C vanilla or strawberry ice cream
1-2 C milk (I use vanilla soy milk)
2-3 drops of red or maroon food color
1 C frozen raspberries (or strawberries)
Red candy melt + sandwich bag for piping
2 ice cream glasses or cups

Sugar cookie dough
Candy melt (red, black, white)
2 sandwich bags (or piping bags)
Lollipop sticks
Vampire mouth stencil: Create by printing an image from the computer (or tracing). Make sure the stencil is bigger than your own mouth.
Small knife or Xacto knife


In a blender, combine all ingredients (milk, ice cream, gel dye and frozen strawberry or raspberry). Blend until smooth and add more milk for a thinner consistency or more ice cream for a thicker one.
Bloody Rim:
Milk the red candy melts and put in a sandwich bag or piping bag. Cut off a small corner to pipe the chocolate around the rim of the glass. Put the glass in the refrigerator until hard and repeat this process one or two more times to get a thick coating.
You'll send the finished shake in the last step but that was it, simple :)


 Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

I use a simple sugar cookie dough which is 1 box of cake mix, 1 egg and 1/2 c shortening. Chill for 1 hour and roll the dough out.

I traced vampire mouth stencil from my computer (or phone). Make sure that your stencil is a larger than your actual mouth. Cut out the stencil and place onto the cookie dough. Cut out as many mouths as you'd like and bake on a greased or lined cookie sheet for 10 minutes.


 Lips: Using the same red candy melt from the milkshake, carefully pipe the candy melt onto the cookie to form lips. Let the candy melt drip onto the cookie while the tip of the bag is bout 1/2 inch above the cookie. This is the best method to make a neat looking cookie.

Teeth: Melt white candy melts and put in a sandwich bag then cut off the corner. Once the red candy melt hardens pipe the fangs onto the cookie. After a couple of minutes pipe the teeth in between the two fangs. Let harden.

Lastly, melt down black candy melt and put in a sandwich bag then cut off the corner. Fill in the remaining uncovered space.
Tip: Keep the candy melt warm to make a smooth surface. After piping each part, I held the cookie under heat to smooth with a toothpick and tap onto a surface.
***Watch the video tutorial to see how this was done***

Finally, once the cookie has hardened turn it over, pipe with a small amount of chocolate and place a lollipop stick on top.

Finish the milkshake with whipped cream and a red straw. There you are vamps! If you enjoyed this post please visit my YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Severed Arm Cake | HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

For a interestingly bothersome yet kinda cool Halloween cake, I decided to create a severed arm. Yup...that's right. It's gory, slightly realistic, a little bothersome and gross but it's all cake after all - and hey, that's Halloween for ya. This is indeed quite simpler than it looks, especially if you have a good hand with rolled cakes (pumpkin roll, etc.)

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You'll Need:
Jelly roll pan (or 9x14 pan)
Cake batter (1/2 the amount)
Maroon or red colored frosting
Strawberry cake filling
Maroon or red food color
Black fondant
Skin tone (any shade) fondant
Brown petal dust
Yellow petal dust
Parchment paper
Spatula or knife


We're going to start off by making a rolled cake for the arm.

To do this, grease a jelly roll pan and line with parchment paper. Pour enough batter to come up about an 1 inch (enough for 1 9 in. pan). Bake for about 15 minutes at 350 degrees. When baked, remove from the pan while warm. With the parchment attached to the bottom, lay another piece of parchment on top. Roll the cake up and allow to cool.

Once the cake is cooled, carefully unroll it and remove the top layer of parchment. Smear with red frosting and roll back up, using the bottom parchment to help roll the cake up while peeling it away at the same time. Measure the cake with your own arm to decide where the elbow would be. Cut that piece, bend it and cover the cake with frosting, smooth and refrigerate until cold.


For this you'll need to make a cake dough and a tracing of your own hand.
Make a cake dough by adding a bit of frosting to cake crumbs and combine until the dough can be easily molded (similar to clay). Place a piece of parchment onto the stencil and shape the cake dough to the hand stencil. Watch the video tutorial to get a full grasp of this step. Allow the cake to chill until hardened.

Carefully remove the hand from the parchment and attach to the arm. Use cake dough to shape the arm into the hand, then cut a small gap away from the wrist.


Roll out the fondant and cover the arm and hand separately making sure to keep that gap open. Carefully shape the fondant around the fingers. This is easiest when using a fondant ball tool to get in between fingers. Then cut away the fondant and tuck any extra under the arm.
Cut knuckles into the fingers. I then used brown petal dust to add shadow and bring out muscular features to the arm. This step is crucial to make a realistic arm. Bring the dust between the fingers, around the knuckles and down the arm. Remember to blend out the dust so that there are no harsh lines.

Make the fingernails by indenting with a small tool. I used the back end of a paint brush. Then dust the edge with brown petal dust.
This is when you'd make any small or large cuts into the arm and fingers.


Add a small amount of water or clear extract to yellow petal dust (you can substitute with yellow gel dye) and color the wrist and all large and small cuts that you've created.
Paint the cuts red with burgundy or maroon gel dye.
I then made a huge gash where the arm bends and painted that gash as well.
Roll out a thin piece of black fondant and cut into 1 inch pieces. Place wherever you'd like onto the cake. I placed mine over the wrist gap. Don't forget to splatter some of the blood.


I made realistic blood my mixing maroon gel dye, strawberry cake filling, and water. You can add this anywhere to the cake. I put a large amount at the end of the arm to make it look like it was bleeding out. When placing the cake onto this sheet tray I decided to offset the hand which looked great. So, this is where I put the rest of the gory blood.

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Top Ramen Cake with Floating Chopsticks!

When I was little my older sister introduced me to 'Oodles and Noodles' which quickly became our favorite quick lunch time meal. Our mom hated that we loved them so much but she had to admit, the flavor and convenience was slightly addictive. My sister would add a little bit of water and butter to hers (after draining out the liquid) and I'd add garlic powder and parsley to mine after draining the liquid as well. 

While we don't eat oodles and noodles or Ramen anymore, I thought it'd be fun to go back in time for a fun birthday cake idea. I decided to make her an oodles and noodles/ top ramen birthday cake with floating chopsticks in her favorite flavor (strawberry cream).

This cake is extravagant, and best part of all, the noodles are the easiest part and made with frosting. We tend to push the fondant aside so whenever possible I'll swap the fondant out for buttercream to avoid the waste.

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You'll Need:
Cake batter
Frosting and filling of choice
Fondant: beige, white, green, pink, black, red
green and yellow gel dye (with vodka for mixing)
Rolling pin
Large metal bowl
plastic dowel
long knife for slicing
cake turner
small paint brush
Large piping tip
Wilton piping tip #2 (or a small round tip) and piping bag


Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.
Prepare your cake batter as usual or as instructed in directions. Line a large metal bowl with a square of parchment paper and grease and flour the sides as you would a normal cake pan. Pour the batter into the prepared bowl and bake at 325 for about an hour. Halfway through you can cover the cake with foil to keep it from browning. Be sure to test the center with a knife to check for doneness.
Set aside to cool


Once the bowl cake has fully cooled, Remove cake from the bowl and level off with a long knife. Flip the cake over and create as many layers as you'd like (or leave it whole). I like to dab each layer with simple syrup before piping a vanilla buttercream border then filling with strawberry filling.
Coat the entire cake with frosting and smooth. Refrigerate or freeze for at least 30 minutes then use a small slated spatula to smooth the cake even more by dipping it in hot water.


Flip the cake right side up. I tried to methods of apply the fondant bowl, I wasn't a fan of the first so skip on to STEP 4 to see how I properly covered the bowl. You'll want to skip ahead because we need to cover the cake in fondant before piping the noodles.
Floating Chopsticks:
Use a pair of scissors or something similar to carefully cut two small holes towards the top of the dowel. You'll want to make sure to map out the placement of the chopsticks before creating the hole. Once the chopsticks go through and are positioned to your liking, they should be secured.
Cover the top of the cake with a thin layer of buttercream then place the dowel off center into the cake. Spread a thin layer of frosting onto the dowel as well.
Add a small drop of yellow and brown gel dye to the frosting to achieve a pale yellow color. Place in a piping bag with Wilton tip #2 or a small circle tip and pipe out the noodles by applying a good amount of pressure. Cover the entire top of the cake as well as the dowel.


Here I measured the height of the cake (roughly 3 1/2 inches) and rolled out a large sheet of black fondant. I added 1/2 inch to height cutting it to about 14 x 4 inches. I then to the height plus a 1/2 inch and length of the cake. Make sure to use plenty of corn starch to keep the fondant from sticking then roll it up onto a rolling pin. Use this method to easily unravel the fondant around the cake.
Roll out thin strand of red fondant and measure to the amount of extra 'lip' you have on the bowl. Mine was about 1/2 inch. Apply the strand of red fondant to the inside of the bowl. Pipe more noodles onto the bowl to cover up any seams or imperfections.
As you can tell from the pictures, this was my second method which I greatly preferred over the first. This is why you see the noodles are already piped. But generally you'd want to do this step before piping the noodles.


Roll a piece of white fondant into a ball then shape into an egg shape. Flatten by gently rolling out with rolling pin. Roll out a piece of yellow fondant and use the large bottom end of a piping tip to cut out the yolk for the egg. Use a dot of water to attach the yolk to the egg white.
Combine white and beige fondant to create a marbled look. Roll out into a circle and cut in half. In a small cup, mix about a tablespoon of vodka or another clear alcohol based liquid (extracts, etc). Add a dot of yellow food dye and a dot of brown. Using a thin clean paint brush, lightly paint the round edge of the chicken with the paint.
Roll out white fondant then use a round or oval cookie cutter to cut out the crackers. Roll light pink fondant into a thin strand and swirl onto the cracker from the center outward. Press the pink into the whiten to combine the colors, set aside.
Green Onions:
Roll out a thin sheet of green fondant. Slice into strips then cut into small squares. Roll each square between your fingers to create the look of a sliced green onion.


Add the slices of chicken in layers. Create a couple bunched mounds of green onion. Place the eggs side by side (or not, up to you) and arrange the crackers. I also sliced some of the 'chicken' colored fondant to add to the middle of the cake.
This is seriously an impressive cake, that wasn't that difficult to make. I'd recommend starting the toppers a couple of days in advance just to get that out of the way. Then the cake part won't take long at all.
Best of luck and check out the video tutorial if you haven't already :)