Bunny Pudding Cups

Hey Cakenistas! Many of us are in the middle of Spring fever. We're loving the warmer weather, the fun pastel colors and we're preparing for Easter. One of my favorite snacks since childhood have always been tapioca, vanilla, and of course chocolate pudding cups.
 For a fun snack I thought I'd come up with something quick, festive, and convenient for your Easter egg hunts or dessert tables. Bunny Pudding Cups. These were so much fun to eat, and the pudding + cake combo was too good.
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You'll Need:
Chocolate cake
Frosting: white or chocolate, green
White candy melt
Shredded coconut flakes
Mini marshmallows (one per pudding cup)

Step 1: Dirt and Bunny Rumps

Dirt and Bunny Rumps

Crumble the chocolate cake into small pieces with your hands or with a food processor. Sprinkle the cake crumbles onto the pudding cups to create dirt.


Add a dollop of frosting and combine to create a cake dough. Shape the dough into small tablespoon sized balls. Place on parchment or waxed paper and refrigerate for 15 minutes.

Step 2: Cover the Bunny

Cover the Bunnybun6.png

Melt the white candy melt or white chocolate. Use a fork or toothpick to roll the cake ball into the candy melt and cover completely. Allow to excess to drip away then roll in the coconut flakes. Set aside and allow the coating to harden. Then nestle into the cake dirt.

Step 3: Hopping Cute

Hopping Cute

Shape a small bit of fondant into little bunny feet. Use pink fondant for the pads of the feet. Then attach to the bunny using white chocolate or candy coating. If you don't have fondant you can also make the feet out of candy melt. Just melt a small amount an make an oval shape on waxed paper then allow to harden. You can use edible pink marker, pink fondant, or frosting for the pads.


Lastly, put green frosting into a small sandwich bag and cut the corner to pipe grass around the bunny. And you're done!
Enjoy your bunnies before they hop away.


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