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Is It Fall Yet?

Originally Posted 9/17/2010

So... I'm sitting on the couch eating my third caramel apple feeling somewhat guilty, BUT remembering that it's still fruit, so its okay :). I start thinking to myself "Wow self, you really love caramel apples, the combination of apples. caramel and peanuts are just crazy, you need to start making your own". Which led to the light bulb turning on over my head. "Marisha, you should make a caramel apple cupcake. WHOA! Good ideas sometimes come while watching mindless tv *Jersey Shore* (I have no idea why I like that show by the way). So yes, I want to make a caramel apple cupcake. A home-made caramel filling...topped with nuts...I have no clue. But, I'm going to make it work, so I'm excited. Fall is so inspirational, I can just imagine what type of menu I'll have when I open a restaurant. Menu planning really is a past-time for me, I just have to try not to get too ahead of myself. If it were up to me I'd have a different cupcake everyday lol. Just wait 'til I unleash my PUMPKIN SPICE cake OHH I'm so excited. Whew...I couldn't control that. Speaking of a different cupcake, I added "Retro Ribbons" to the list of Fab Flavors, which is a chocolate and peanut butter swirl cupcake. I'll be able to compete with Baskin Robbins 33 flavors in no time.

So, in other news I'm working on my website. I'm designing it myself so I won't be able to

have it up and running over night, but I'm hopeful it will be done soon. But for now the blog spot is GREAT. It was cool to google myself and see this blog pop up. So whenever you forget the link no fear! Just type in Marisha's Cakes (if you can remember my name :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the cutie pies who got to enjoy these cupcakes. They were fun to make. Dora the Explorer * I use to LOVE that show.

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