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Macarons 101 | Macaron vs Macaroon

What's so ironic about the posting of this recipe was that I literally had to talk someone into believing that macarons and macaroons were two totally different cookies - that same morning. This is a constant battle. But honestly it makes sense. Macarons literally just blew up out of nowhere and came with all of their glory into our dessert world. While both cookies are totally different...I mean completely different, some still get the names confused. Here's where I come in, and I'm happy to do so. So let's get into it shall we?

What is a macaron?

Derives from France, not to be confused with the Italian macaron derived from Italy; Same type of cookie, slightly different process. The macaron is a light cookie sandwich which can come in a variety of colors and flavors. Fillings for the cookie might include buttercream, jams, nutella, chocolate - you name it and it's been done. Macarons are known for their slightly crisp outer shell, a chewy center, nutty flavor, and that gorgeous fluffy... 'foot'? I know, doesn't sound too appetizing, but the foot is actually the airy part of the cookie that gives the macaron its' trademark look. Why we couldn't come up with a better name is beyond me. The macaron is made by whipped egg whites and sugar. Finely ground almond flour is then carefully incorporated and then the batter is flavored, colored, piped, and baked. I'm mentally drooling just thinking about it. Onto the macaroon.

What is a macaroon?

The macaroon derives from Italy. This cookie is pretty straightforward. A coconut cookie, usually in the shape of a mound. It's sometimes dipped or drizzled in chocolate for extra deliciousness and character. Typically this cookie isn't colored or flavored with anything other than the traditional coconut flakes. Like the macarons, this cookie is made with egg whites and sugar, however coconut is added. The batter is then spooned (sometimes piped) onto a baking sheet and baked until lightly browned.

Now that we've gone into the break down of the macaron vs. the macaroon, let's get into the recipe! Check below for the free video tutorial.

Classic Macarons: