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'May Showers' Cake - Made My Bakers Box

Most of you can agree that one of the best parts of May are the beautiful blooming flowers. In celebration of the May flowers and my Mother's birthday/ Mother's Day I decided to do a flower wreath cake.

If you haven't yet heard of a flower wreath cake, it's simply a cake decorated with buttercream flowers in the shape of a wreath as seen in the picture. Of course I took it a step further by painting a grassy border for a fun Spring scenery. I was inspired by this Months Bakers Box which had baby blue frosting, sugar lady bugs sprinkles, sugar honey bee sprinkles, green fondant and other fun goodies.

You'll Need:

Cake (fully prepped and ready)

Vanilla Buttercream

Gel Dye: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red or Pink, Brown

Edible sugar ladybugs and bees

Paint Brush

Flower Nail

Parchment or Waxed Paper cut into squares

Cake Scrape/ Bench Scraper

Piping Bag & Tips: Tip #1M, #127

Toothpick ___________________________________________________

Press play to watch the video tutorial on how I made this flower wreath cake.

Step 1: Split one batch of vanilla frosting in half. Color one half sky blue and use it to crumb coat, chill, then frost the cake.