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Strawberry Crunch Crumbs Recipe

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

That moment when Squidward took a bite of a crabby patty for the first time after being uninterested …yeah, that was me and the strawberry crunch cake.

For years I'd seen pictures of the trending strawberry crunch cake on my timeline. Layer cakes, cheesecakes and they all look amazing. I mean seriously, anyone whoever isn't in love with the strawberry crunch popsicle probably hasn't had one. It wasn't until I got a request to make the cake that I said "Okay now's the time". Truth is, I'd been slightly avoiding making this cake because there seemed to be so many steps. Yes, says the girl who creates food entrees and faces out of cakes for fun, but hey it's the truth. Not to mention, for the life of me I couldn't understand how golden Oreo's could replicate that original strawberry crunch crumb flavor.

Certain recipes seem daunting until you either try it or create your own. So I studied a few random recipes and came across many different types of crunch crumbs. Some involved baking and some just pouring and mixing. But I'm a homemade kind of girl, and while this is definitely a non scratch recipe, we can at least be semi-homemade with it. To accomplish that I combined a few different methods to make what I consider to be the ultimate strawberry crunch. At this point, I've put these crunch crumbs on everything; Ice cream, cake, cupcakes, cereal, and my newest addiction, TOAST! You'll have to follow me on TikTok for that one, @MarishaCouture

For this recipes we're going to combine strawberry gelatin, cookies, butter, and flour. I've come to learn however that all gelatin is not made equal. I've used three different brands and each one was a different shade of red. My favorite so far is the Jell-O brand. Not only is it brighter, but the flavor is a little better.

When processing these crumbs, I don't like to go too fine. I prefer a crumb that has small bite sized pieces in the mix so that I can appreciate each crumb for its' individuality lol. Plus the visual of being able to see the separate colors is important.

By the way, If you feel like doing NONE of this I understand, head over to my shop and grab a few bags in various flavors. Is it still a shameless plug if it's on your website?

Strawberry Crunch Crumbs


Strawberry Crumbs:

1 Box Strawberry Jell-O

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