Chocolate Buttercream (American Style)

A simple chocolate buttercream that is smooth, not overly sweet, and beginner friendly. This chocolate frosting is what I consider to be light in chocolate (if using regular cocoa powder) which I love. It's perfect for a vanilla cake, or any cake for that matter. But this recipe specifically reminds me of the classic yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Such a perfect combination that remains untouchable. I made a quick video tutorial showing how I make this frosting but there are some tips that you should know along the way...

Whisk or Paddle Attachment? Always a paddle attachment. The whisk incorporates larger pockets of air. This makes it much harder to get a smooth finish when decorating a cake.

Why the salt? Not only does it cut the sweetness, but it brings out the flavors of chocolate and vanilla.

Do I need the shortening? Of course not, you can add butter instead, however shortening also cuts the sweetness down, and makes for flufflier and heat stable frosting.